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4020 Tractor Repowered With Combine Engine
“My 1971 Deere 4020 with its original engine was losing power and using oil, so instead of overhauling it, I replaced the engine with one from a 6620 Deere combine,” says semi-retired Iowa farmer Arlis White. “The engine from the 6620 turns 115 hp on the dyno. It sounds great and has a lot more torque than the original engine.”
  White says he looked into overhauling the original tractor engine, but the cost was fairly steep. He was able to acquire the used 6620 engine at a price that was considerably less. He replaced the engine himself with help from his sons over a 2-week period. “It wasn’t very difficult to make the switch at all,” Arlis says. “We disconnected the radiator, the fuel line, removed the starter and just started taking bolts loose, supporting the frame before removing the engine. The new engine slid right in place and we connected everything back up and it started right up.”
  White says he’s put close to 1,000 hrs. on the 6620 engine in summer and winter work over the past 3 years. In the summer he uses it for haying and some occasional field work, but during the winter the tractor has a loader, a bucket and snowblower. “It starts just fine in all kinds of weather, runs well and just sounds better than the original tractor engine. It’s fuel efficient and doesn’t use a drop of oil,” Arlis says. “I’d recommend this engine for anyone wanting to repower a 4020.”
  White says he enjoys keeping older equipment running well and working around his farm. He has completely restored a Deere 60 tractor that he still uses regularly.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Arlis White, 18214 Dalmation Ave., St. Olaf, Iowa 52072 (ph 563 783-2463).

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