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Centrifuge Gets Sludge Out Of Used Oil
Don’t burn or throw out dirty oil when you can clean it and use it to safely run diesel motors. You can clean a gallon of old oil at a time or clean old oil continuously 24/7 with centrifuges from US Filtermaxx.
  “We’ve powered our shops for 18 months straight burning used oil in our diesel generator,” says Steve Chastain, US Filtermaxx. “We have 4,000 hrs. run time without a problem.”
  Chastain first got involved with waste oil about 10 years ago when his house was without power for a week. “To save money we started blending used motor oil with diesel, but realized it needed to be clean.”
  The answer was a centrifuge. He tried different commercial products before deciding to build his own. “I feel we have them perfected now with a very high gravity force and cleaning to submicron particles,” says Chastain. “We build them like a tank, heavy and nearly indestructible. The motors are designed to run at only 1,800 rpm’s for longer life.”
  His centrifuge can clean from 10 to 40 gal. per hour, depending on the weight of the fluid and how dirty it is. It can be filled a batch at a time with a stop to clean the sludge out every hour and a half. Set one up with pumps, preheaters and automation, and it will clean oil continuously and dump the sludge by itself.
  While the basic centrifuge bowl is the same in all the standard models, with a capacity of slightly less than a gallon, the drive units vary. The speeds and resulting G-force changes from one model to another. The company offers 2,400G, 3,000G and variable speed 6,000G models.
  Chastian is offering the 3,000G centrifuge with a 1 1/2 hp motor for $1,500. Prices go up with the complexity and G rating of the system. A 6,000G with variable speed programmable controller and in-line oil heater is priced at $3,339. Options include pumps, heaters and more. Automatic controllers allow the units to cycle and drain sludge, cleaning up to 1,000 gal. per day.
  “We will be introducing a 10,000G unit by the end of the year,” says Chastain. “It will have a variable frequency drive with a new heater system that can take up to 4,000 watts.”
  The centrifuges are designed to fit over a 55-gal. drum or can be placed inline between dirty oil tanks and clean storage tanks in an automated system. Systems vary depending on the need.
  “We have shipped centrifuges around the world,” says Chastain. “They are being used on-board oceangoing ships to clean bunker oil before it fuels the engines. They are also in use at airports around the country with oil being blended into the fuel for taxicabs. In many lesser developed countries, oil is going through our centrifuges instead of being dumped on the ground.”
  Chastain suggests blending cleaned oil and gas 80:20. Diesel fuel can be blended at 80:20 to 50:50 rates.
  “FARM SHOW readers can receive a $200 discount on the basic and programmable 3,000G centrifuges,” says Chastain. “Just use the code ‘FARM SHOW’ when you order.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, US Filtermaxx, 2925 Mandarin Meadows Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. 32223 (ph 904 334-2838; steve.chastain@usfiltermaxx.com; www.usfiltermaxx.com).

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