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ATV Is Wheelchair Friendly
Wheelchair users can safely enjoy all-terrain travel with this new flexible chassis, 6-WD HexHog from Great Britain. Sion Pierce, an engineer and son of a farmer introduced the innovative ATV in Great Britain, but says it’s also available for export.
  “People who have driven the machine love its stability over rough ground,” says Pierce. “Some people thought it impossible to reach areas the HexHog can access safely. The flexing chassis irons out the lumps and bumps. The machine hugs the ground like a centipede when you ride it over rough areas. You can safely ride up 50 percent slopes.”
  Pierce got the idea for the machine because a member of a farm family he knew was unable to run a standard ATV. Pierce designed the unique ATV while an engineering student, then worked with Da Vinci Wheelchairs, Ltd. to bring it to market.
  The 6-WD HexHog is lithium ion battery-powered with each wheel independently driven from left and right motors. The motors offer primary braking with backup disc brakes. The battery offers an 8 to 12-mile range depending on terrain and recharges in less than 2 hrs. with its high frequency charger.
  “The HexHog has a top speed of 8.5 mph with its standard configuration; however, that can be altered on request,” says Pierce. “We use a joystick control with adjustable damping and acceleration/deceleration. An emergency stop button on the armrest will isolate the battery and apply brakes.”
  The front-mounted seat on the HexHog is designed to make transfer from a wheelchair easier. The transfer mechanism lowers the HexHog seat and extends it out ahead of the front wheels for easy pivot or slide transfer of the operator.
  The HexHog weighs in at 640 lbs. and is priced at just over $30,000. In the U.K., an add-on kit allows it to be driven on the road with a standard license.
  “The HexHog is brand new to the market, so exposure has been limited thus far,” says Pierce.
  You can see the HexHog in action at FARMSHOW.COM.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Da Vinci Wheelchairs Ltd., 6 Carraway Rd., Liverpool, Merseyside, UK L11 0EE (ph 151 548 1999; sales@davincimobility.co.uk; www.hexhog.com).

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