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High Volume Rolling Nut Gatherer
If you’ve got a lot of nut trees, you’ll like this new rolling nut gatherer that uses 10 wire baskets mounted on a steel frame to pick nuts up off the ground into a specially designed pallet, says Cecil Holt, Douglas, Ga.
  Holt is the inventor of the original Nut Wizard, which consists of a single wire basket that you roll along the ground to pick up nuts.
  The new multi-headed Nut Wizard’s 10 wire baskets attach to metal rods mounted across a square metal frame. The baskets match up with corresponding holes cut into 5-in. wide aluminum strips that slide into grooves cut into a wooden “unloading rack”. The unloading rack slants down at one end to a separate wooden ramp and has bulges under each side that allow the rack to work like a seesaw.
  The operator pushes the metal frame along the ground to pick up nuts until all the baskets are full, and then rolls the frame up the ramp and onto the unloading rack. As he reaches the front end of the rack, it tilts downward to become level with the ground. The operator stops pushing the frame once all the baskets are positioned over the holes. Arched metal ribs across the holes cause the baskets to open up, and as the operator jostles the frame back and forth the nuts fall down through the holes and onto a tarp under the unloading rack. Once all the baskets are empty he backs up, and the rack then tilts back to its original position.
  “It works fast. I’ve used it to pick up 42 lbs. of pecans in just 5 min.,” says Holt. “It works great on everything from pecans to acorns and walnuts and even does a good job in light to medium leaves. A big advantage is that you can use it on ground that’s too wet for a tractor or pickup to go through.
  “We offer different size baskets and holes in the aluminum strips depending on what you’re picking up. The operator pushes a button to slide the axle rods out, then pulls the original baskets off and slides the new ones on. The handles fold up for storage.”
  The Multi-Headed Nut Wizard sells for less than $500.  
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cecil Holt, Holt’s Nut Wizard, 1000 Bowens Mill Rd. S.E., Douglas, Ga. 31535 (ph 912 384-5324; nutpickerdistributors@yahoo.com).

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