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Home-Built Stump Grinder
“After looking on the internet at commercial stump grinder designs, I was inspired to build my own walk-behind model. My total cost was less than $300,” says Ron Mickle, Thorp, Wis.
  The stump grinder rides on 10-in. pneumatic tires and has handles made from 3/4-in. dia. pipe. It’s powered by a 13 hp. Briggs & Stratton engine that Mickle already had. The engine mounts on an angle iron frame and is used to double belt-drive the grinder’s teeth.
  “I tried to build it as simple as possible and used mostly parts I already had,” says Mickle. “The entire unit weighs about 150 lbs. and is only 21 in. wide, so it’ll easily fit into tight spots.”
  He bought the grinder teeth from
WesSpur Tree Equipment, Inc., (Bellingham, Wash., ph 360 734-5242), and bolted them onto a round 3/8-in. thick, 14-in. dia. steel plate. He bought a sprocket hub and welded it to the plate, and he bolted the grinder teeth to the plate. The plate was then installed on a shaft with a couple of pillow block bearings.
  He used the stump grinder for the first time last summer.
  “It works better than I expected and grinds the stumps to dust,” says Mickle. “I used it on 80 acres of mostly wooded land to help establish walking and ATV trails for both hunting and wildlife watching. I also used it to clear 200 trees to make room for my driveway and barn. If I did it again I’d use bigger wheels to make it easier to push, and I’d add a deflector to the muffler area so I can avoid overheating the lower area of my body.”
  He paid about $100 for the teeth, $150 for the clutch, $10 for the belts, and $10 for a pulley. “I used 1/8-in. plate to form a hood for the grinding wheel, and bolted part of the mud guard off an old truck behind it to keep wood chips from flying back at me,” notes Mickle.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ron Mickle, N16609 Dickerson Ave., Thorp, Wis. 54771 (ph 715 669-3459; pineacres16609@gmail.com).

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