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"Swamp Cooler" Built From Old Furnace
“To cool off on hot days while working in my shop, I converted an old furnace into an evaporative ‘swamp cooler’ that simply hooks up to a garden hose that feeds cool well water into it,” says Gary Eberspacher, Milford, Neb.
  The wheeled unit operates on standard 110-volt electricity.
  He started with an old house furnace and cut the heating chamber and sheet metal off just above the squirrel cage fan. He used angle iron to make an angled frame and mounted it above the fan, filling in the sides and top of the frame with leftover sheet metal from the furnace. He mounted a used cooling coil from a heating and air conditioning shop in front of the fan.
  Cool water runs through the cooler and then out through another hose that runs out to his lawn tractor sprinkler.
  “It does a great job. Depending on how hot it is outside, I can lower the temperature 10 to 15 degrees in my small 20 by 30-ft. shop,” says Eberspacher. “I raise my shop’s garage door just enough so I can slip the hoses under it, and I use a switch mounted on the cooler to turn it on or off. The hoses hook up to pipe fittings that I had a local shop solder onto the cooler.”
  There’s no way to drain the cooling coil, so before winter sets in Eberspacher pumps antifreeze through it to make sure it doesn’t freeze up.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gary Eberspacher, 402 North F Street, Milford, Neb. 68405 (ph 402 761-2712; geberspacher@gmail.com).

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