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Rubber-Fingered "Weeders" Attach To Any Cultivator
You can turn a conventional cultivator into a precision weeder with Fingerweeder spoked wheels. They combine the toughness of steel and the flexibility of rubber to work between the plants.
  “The flexible fingers allow the operator to fluff the ground around the plants,” says Keith Campbell, Willsie Equipment Sales. “They break up the small white roots on freshly germinated weeds. Without the fingers, the best you can do is throw dirt on the weeds.”
  Willsie’s Fingerweeders mount at an angle to cultivator shafts, driving in toward the plants. Steel spikes mounted to the ground side of the Fingerweeders dig into the dirt and rotate the rubber fingers forward as the cultivator travels through the field.
  “They mount on a 2-in. flat bar, easily fitting square shafts,” says Campbell. “Some modification is needed for round shafts.”
  While the bulk of Willsie’s Fingerweeders are purchased by organic farmers, Campbell notes that conventional farmers are once again considering cultivation.
  “As growers get into herbicide resistant weeds, cultivation remains one of the few alternatives,” he says. “If you do cultivate, the Fingerweeders let you get into the last few inches between the cultivator shank and the plant.”
  Willsie prices Fingerweeders at $628 for a set of two.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Willsie Equipment Sales, R.R. 1, 9516 Northville Rd., Thedford, Ont. Canada N0M 2N0 (ph 519 243-2616; toll free 800 561-3025; keith@willsie.com; www.willsie.com).

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