2014 - Volume #BFS, Issue #14, Page #28
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Walder Mfg.: "Crushed" Beans For Profit
Walder Mfg. has been very successful in marketing oil screw presses for farmers and the commercial market. With the high price of beans, you have to have a lot of benefits to sell a system to farmers. For the dairy industry, pressed meal is far superior to chemically-produced meal. The best indicator is the bottom line. Walder customers see butterfat increases from 3.7% to 4.2% because the crushed bean meal more digestible. Milk production is also slightly increased.
    Walder Mfg. designed a double press systems for soybeans for better bypass protein, more oil (over one gallon per bushel), and double output capacity over single pressing.
    What about payback? On this investment, the meal is a “wash”. Meaning the price of the seed has the same value as the meal. So, the oil is your “profit” or what pays the bills. The commodity market oil is currently about 58¢ a pound times 1.1 lbs. per gallon equals $4.46 a gallon. If you burn your own oil, the market value is the off-road diesel fuel price.
    Walder Mfg. has experience crushing sunflower, flax, canola, camelina, mustard, soybean, milk thistle, cottonseed and pecans.
    Walder Mfg. sells 2, 6, 8, and 20-ton, presses with the price about $1,000 per ton. The 20-ton press produces 864 gal. of oil in 24 hours.
    Mark and Ed Walder also operate presses on their farm. Seven years ago they made and burned 600 gallons of oil on their farm. This past year, they processed 3,500 gallons of oil and burned it in all diesel engines – even in a 2012 engine with a rail-injected D.E.F. particulate filter – with no problems. Dan Mcmoil in Kansas burns sunflower oil using gas to cut the glycerin. For more information on Dan’s method go to www.oilcrusher.5u.com.
    Contact: Walder Mfg., 1525 S. County Road I, Wittenberg, Wis. 54499 (ph 715 454-6458; Mark’s cell 715 581-1525; Ed’s cell 715 581-5439; Ed’s email: waldermfg@wittenbergnet.net; Mark’s email: waldermfg@wi-net.com; www.waldermfg.com).

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