2014 - Volume #BFS, Issue #14, Page #27
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Amazing Loader-Mounted Tee-Post Driver Pulls Posts, Too
Putting 60 posts into hard ground by hand can easily take all day. But with the Bucketdriver.com Tee-Post Driver System, you can do it in an hour or less. The amazing system is so effective and easy to use that after buying it from Bucketdriver.com you’ll find yourself wanting to hide it from your neighbors.
This year, Bucketdriver.com introduced an optional add-on attachment that also allows the Tee-Post Driver System to pull posts quickly and easily.
Bucketdriver.com’s system consists of an all-directional swivel that simply attaches to a loader bucket. A Driver Barrel hangs from the swivel. The swivel design makes it easy to use gravity to line a post up straight for perfect alignment.
Just load your bucket up with T-posts. Grab the first post to be driven and load it into the Driver Barrel by sliding the post up into the barrel past the auto-latch that holds it in position. Then use the loader to push the post into the ground. You just tilt the bucket slightly as you’re pressing down to maintain a level post. After driving the post in and before raising the bucket, reach into the bucket and grab the next post. Then raise the Driver and bucket, leaving the post in place, and reload the Driver barrel with the new post. Two people can easily drive a post every minute.
The Tee-Post Driver System makes it easy to lift a post up over a fence and drive it in from the other side, something no other post driver can do.
The Tee-Post Driver is priced at just $119.95 for the Driver 5 model. It attaches to the bucket with either a universal clamp that bolts on anywhere with 2 bolts ($19) or an U-shaped clamp that fits over the front edge of the bucket and attaches with 1 bolt ($25).
An earlier model, called the Driver 4, sells for just $69.95. It has a wider opening that allows it to drive used posts that have been flattened out on top.
The optional post puller mounts to Driver 5 and sells for $30. It attaches to the Driver Barrel and uses a metal pin to lock onto one of the top notches on the post before pulling. Posts come out as fast as they go in.
You can see a video of the Tee-Post Driver at work in the field on YouTube by searching “Bucketdriver 2010”.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tee-Post Driver Systems©, 1618 Indian Dr., Enid, Okla. 73703 (ph 580 747-9288; mrzweifel@yahoo.com; www.bucketdriver.com).

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2014 - Volume #BFS, Issue #14