2014 - Volume #BFS, Issue #14, Page #25
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Strategic Fertilizer Placement
Schaffert Mfg. Co. offers a revolutionary method of applying larger quantities of starter or nitrogen fertilizers, 2-3 to the side of the row and up to 2 deep with our G2 fertilizer disc behind the planter. The G2 fertilizer disc is an 8 single disc opener that is mounted on the press wheel brackets of John Deere, Kinze, White, Great Plains, Monosem, and Yetter planters.
The G2 liquid disc is designed on a walking beam axle with 3 points of contact in the soil at all times. This patented walking beam design gives stability and balanced pressure to both press wheels in closing the seed V, better and more even depth of fertilizer in uneven terrains, only 11 pounds per row added weight, which is easy to mount and easy to walk around the planter. The compact design eliminates having to find room in front or behind the planter for much larger, heavier, and more expensive fertilizer solutions. In a 2-year fertilizer application study by Ken Ferrie of Farm Journal Magazine the G2 fertilizer disc topped their yield trials.
New for 2014: Right and left hand row units are available. Also new is a redesigned bracket boasting an easy adjust scraper that works in all field conditions. Only $199 per row, the G2 is a very economical and cost effective solution for your fertilizer application needs.
The G2 can be run with some 13 spiked closing wheels like the Mohawks. Standard, angular rubber closing wheels have a tendency to press the soil together from both sides of the seed V, leaving the soil smeared shut, especially in heavier wetter soils. Then if you get a hot windy day before the seeds germinate, the seed V will crack back open, exposing the seed. Also, some spiked closing wheels are too aggressive, leaving very little compaction and poor seed to soil contact, and can potentially flip seeds up and out of the furrow. The Mohawk Closing Wheels eliminate all of these problems. Use two Mohawks for the very best closing.
Mohawk rings are made of a cast steel for long wear life. New for 2013 is a rubber slip ring that goes between the plastic rim and cast Mohawk. The wheels are easy to install and are reasonably priced at $45 per cast ring.
Schaffert Mfg. Co., 71495 Rd. 397, Indianola, NE 69034; 800-382-2607; www.schaffert.com.

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2014 - Volume #BFS, Issue #14