2014 - Volume #BFS, Issue #14, Page #25
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Plant Smart
The Rebounder seed cover is a simple yet effective planting attachment that improves the accuracy and uniformity of in-furrow seed placement on planters and drills. It offers many benefits that pay off at harvest time.
The Rebounder has a patented concave design that guides seeds to the bottom of the furrow. It enters the seed trench right behind the discs, and is shaped like the seed V. The Rebounder peels seeds off the sidewall, and funnels them to the bottom. Unlike firming products, the Rebounder does not press seeds into the ground, thus there is no mud build-up or seed drag. The Rebounder is very easy to install. The Rebounder can be used with optional fittings and liquid fertilizer attachments, such as the Y-Not Split-It, which fertilizes the sidewalls of the seed V and ensures that seeds will not be drenched. The Super Tuff Orange Rebounder costs only $30 per row.
Schaffert Mfg. Co. keeps up with technology, and introduces new innovative brackets to mount on new seed tubes and planter units. Three Rebounder mounts introduced this year fit the Kinze Edge Vac, Precision Planting’s WaveVision seed tubes, and the White 9000 Series planters.
With the WaveVision seed tube, the angle on the back of the seed tube where we normally mount changed when Precision put the new sensor down at the bottom of the seed tube. Seed tubes have a curve so that when planting at 5mph the seed enters the seed V at zero velocity. The inside of the Wave Vision seed tube still has the curve, but the outside has been squared up. In order to accommodate this and get the Rebounder back to the necessary 27 degree angle to the planter unit, we designed a mounting bracket that is raised on the bottom end and therefore keeps the backward curve of the seed tube.
Schaffert Mfg. Co., 71495 Rd. 397, Indianola, NE 69034; 800-382-2607; www.schaffert.com.

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2014 - Volume #BFS, Issue #14