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"Sowmatic" Automatically Treats Seed In Drill Box
“It lets you treat your seed right in the drill box as you plant, saving time and minimizing left-over treated seed,” says Robert Aanestad, Agri-Future Co., Isle, Minn., about his new Sowmatic automatic seed treater.
  The automatic seed treater consists of a 10-gal. poly tank mounted in a metal stand that bolts on the drill. A small DC motor with a 7-prong plug connects to the tractor. Plastic tubes from the tank deliver the seed treatment to nozzle shields bolted on just above the seed cup openers. A switch in the tractor cab is used to turn the seed treatment system on or off.
  “It eliminates the need to make an extra trip to a seed processor to get your seed treated,” says Aanestad. “A big advantage is that the seed treatment stops flowing as soon as you turn off the switch, which results in virtually no left-over treated seed.”
  The system can be used on everything from a 5-ft. drill to a 50-ft. drill. “A single Sowmatic can be installed on one, two, or three drills that are hitched together,” says Aanestad. “Installation requires drilling a hole into the drill box and bolting the nozzle shields onto the tray using the original OEM bolts. A single person can install the system in about 1 1/2 hours depending on the number of openings in the drill boxes.”
  He says the system is cost efficient. “Installing the Sowmatic on an 8-ft. drill with 7 1/2-in. openings will cost about $855.25. That’s only $85.53 per year for a 10-year life.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert Aanestad, Agri-Future Co., Inc., 3556 Olympic St., Isle, Minn. 56342 (ph 320 679-4565; sowmatic@gmail.com).

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