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JHandles Give You A Tight Hold On Large Panels
Brad Miller, Ridgeville Corners, Ohio: Carrying plywood, doors, sheetrock and other large panels is easy with JHandles, 3-pronged, powder-coated metal grippers that are designed to give you a tight hold on large panels (ph 765 673-4005; www.jhandles.net). Just grab onto one of the grips and place the other two grips on the end of the drywall or other material and lift. The weight of the material being lifted will squeeze the grips tight.
    It makes carrying large flat loads much easier and reduces the possibility of back injury and muscle strain. The grips hug both sides which helps distribute the weight evenly. As a result you can lift a load and steady it with the same hand, freeing up a hand to open doors or gates. You also can carry multiple sheets with little or no damage.
    JHandles come in a set of two and retail for $24.95 plus S&H. You can use the website’s store locater to find a reseller in your area.

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