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"Pickup" Tool Has 4 Tools Welded Onto It At The The Bottom
    Ken Grazier, Havre, Mont.: “I made a ‘pickup’ tool that really comes in handy around my place. It has a magnet at the top for picking up nails, bolts, and other small parts. It’s 4 1/2 ft. long and made from a length of 5/8-in. conduit. There are 4 tools welded onto it at the bottom – a J hook, a pliers, a screwdriver ‘poker’, and an open-end wrench.
    “I used a 3-in. long cow magnet mounted inside a short length of light channel iron on top, then screwed the channel iron onto the conduit. I added a short wooden handle that slips down over the conduit and is riveted to it, making the tool more comfortable to carry around.    
    “The spring-loaded pliers at the bottom are attached to a cable that runs up through the conduit to a metal ring at the top. The pliers stay open until I pull on the ring. When I let go of the ring, the pliers automatically open back up. I also welded on an open-end wrench and a bent screwdriver. I use the pliers to pick up trash, the open-end wrench to dig out dandelions, and the screwdriver to pick up trash and also to dig out dandelions.”

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