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Snowblower Conversion For Larger Ford Tractor
“When I recently traded for a newer and larger used Ford Boomer tractor, I kept my 50-in. wide, 3-pt. mounted Ford snowblower. The newer tractor has a wider wheel base of 62 in., so I widened the snowblower to clear the tractor’s tires and also made other modifications,” says Marlin Galde, Wahpeton, N. Dak.
    First, he bolted two 8-in. long, 1/4-in. thick steel wings onto each end of the snowblower’s housing to give the machine an overall width of 66 in. He also replaced the original hand crank that rotated the spout with a small electric winch equipped with composite cable.
    “I operate the winch using a momentary switch installed in a control box mounted on the tractor’s rollbar,” says Galde. “The control box is a waterproof LB electrician’s box that I got from a local electrician. I installed two rear flood lights on the rollbar and use the same control box to turn them on or off.”
    The new tractor’s pto was positioned too high for the snowblower, and the severe angle would have made the pto power transfer less efficient. So Galde came up with a way to align the tractor and snowblower pto shafts. He installed a bearing higher up on the snowblower housing, then unbolted the machine’s pto shaft and moved it up onto the bearing. He also installed another pto shaft support bearing on a steel cross member that bolts onto both sides of the snowblower frame.
    He also installed a larger chain sprocket drive, which increased the blower rpm’s from 550 to 850 –­ a 35 percent increase.
    The entire project didn’t cost much. “I already had the winch and the bearings. My only cost was for the cable and for the two wing plates, which were bent to conform by a local company. My total cost was less than $100,” says Galde.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Marlin Galde, 18075 78th St. S.E., Wahpeton, N. Dak. 58075 (ph 701 899-1676; marlingalde7@wah.midco.net).  

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