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Quick And Easy Way To Pull Posts
“I use an ordinary D-handle spade to pull T-posts,” says Philip Berglund, Dayton, Iowa.
  “I simply lean the spade against the post with the handle on the ground and the cutting edge against the post. Then I put one toe into the spade’s handle and give the top of the post a firm push. This will slightly bend the post so the spade’s cutting edge catches on one of the bumps on the post. Then I pull the top of the post toward me, which will cause the post to lift vertically.
  “By repeating this ‘push and pull’ action I’m able to ratchet the post out of the ground. It only takes a few seconds to ratchet the post out of the ground. This method creates a tremendous amount of leverage with minimum effort. I’ve even used it to pull wood posts when the ground is soft in the spring.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Philip Berglund, 3325 Washington Ave., Dayton, Iowa 50530 (ph 515 838-2740).

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