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Pepper Spray Alarm Scares Off Home Invaders
Security systems don’t always work that well to protect homes and workshops in the country. It’s nearly impossible for police to get there before the burglars and your stuff are gone.
  That’s what inspired the “Burglar Bomb” pepper spray system. One whiff and the burglars are out the door trying to breathe –forgetting all about your valuables inside, says Jeff Fink, who didn’t invent the concept, but worked with the inventor and took over the project to market it. He fine-tuned the aluminum canisters and how the pepper spray disperses in a fine atomization so it floats in the air.
  “You want maximum hang time, and it remains effective for up to an hour,” he says.
  With non-flammable chemicals, even if the pepper spray discharges in a fire, it will not cause any concern to normally equipped firefighters. He adds that it’s “green” because the gas typically dissipates within 4 hours with no cleanup necessary.
  Burglar Bombs comes in three versions to fit customers’ needs and budgets.
  “The best seller is the AB-2000 for $68,” Fink says. It’s a simple system. When someone hits the trip line, it triggers and discharge 4 oz. of pepper spray. A safety pin disables it when not in use.
  For those who own a 12-volt alarm system, the Repulsar I ($197) is a perfect upgrade. The ceiling-mounted aerosol device has a warning tone with adjustable time delay (up to 45 seconds) for the homeowner to turn off the security system. With an additional $30 worth of parts, the Repulsar can be made to operate independently without an alarm system.
  For larger areas (more than 2,400 sq. ft. of open space) or remote locations, the Repulsar IV ($498) has four 6-oz. cans of pepper spray.
  Fink’s most advanced model is the Intercepter ($595), powered by four C-batteries. It includes an entry and exit time delay and a built-in passive infrared detector. It can power any number of Repulsars as accessories.
  Fink sells the aluminum aerosol canisters that he fills fresh with pepper spray for $15 to $17 each. They have a 3-year shelf life.
  “Most of my customers are rural and suburban homeowners,” Fink says. But he also sells to business owners including those who own gun shops and jewelry stores.
  “Traditional security systems are dependent on human response,” Fink says. “This alarm system takes care of intruders on its own.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jeff Fink, Burglar Bomb, 832 West First St., Birdsboro, Penn. 19508 (ph 610 582-1730; www.burglarbomb.com).

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