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Biggest Grain Moving System We've Ever Seen
We talked to the manufacturer of this big grain moving system at the recent Nebraska Power Farming Show. The Swift “Gobbler” mounts on a Uni Harvester and is designed to unload big grain piles at high speed into semi trucks. It’s used mostly by big grain elevators and terminals.
  The “Gobbler” has its own self-contained hydraulic system that’s belt-driven off the UniHarvester. It features a 12-ft. wide detachable auger header that rides on big steel caster wheels, and a 50-ft. long by 3-ft. wide high speed conveyor belt equipped with a hydraulic-controlled rotating chute.
  All operations are hydraulically controlled from the Uni Harvester cab. The truck driver simply backs in under the conveyor and uses a CB radio to communicate with the UniHarvester operator.
  The auger header rides on heavy duty caster wheels and delivers the grain to four 2-ft. wide, rubber-covered paddles at the center that rotate like a paddleboat. A 4-ft. long by 2 1/2-ft. wide accelerator located behind the header contains a second set of paddles and delivers grain onto the belt. A hydraulically-raised “fence” on front of the header is designed to protect aeration tubes inside the pile, and there’s a clod buster behind the auger header.
  “We have several of these units in use across the U.S.,” says Doug Buchanan, Swift Mfg. Co., Clara City, Minn. “Some of the grain piles contain 2 million bu. or more. Sometimes if the elevator’s wet bin can’t keep up at harvest they’ll stack the grain outside and later load it into semis and dry it again.
  “The Gobbler can move 20,000 bu./hr. and load a 1,000-bu. semi truck in just over 3 min. It can move grain twice as fast as 2 wheel loaders but uses only half as much fuel and requires only one operator. The conveyor and header auger bolt together and can be loaded on a double drop deck trailer for transport.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Swift Mfg. Co., 8015 Hwy. 7 S.E., Clara City, Minn. 56222 (ph 800 354-2106; swiftdougb@hcinet.net; www.swiftmfg.com).

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