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He Likes VW Openers
Larry Monson, Monson Family Farms, Wolf Point, Mont: “I installed 60 triple opener seed tubes from VW on my New Holland P2060 air drill in 2013 (ph 406 460-3810; www.vwmfg.com). What caught my attention about this product was the fact that the point that goes in the ground is flared to put seed in 2 rows, 3 1/2 in. apart. Some manufacturers have wider points, but the seed gets scattered. The seed comes out evenly on these at a uniform depth, so the seedlings emerge uniformly. For the past 10 years I had used a paired seed boot that placed the seed behind the shank. It had a separate opener in front called the ‘stealth’. This system required more maintenance as parts wore out faster.
  “Another unique feature I like on the VW opener is the square tube on the back that has 2 pieces of 1/4-in. tubing inside. They end up just above where the paired seed comes out. I use these tubes to inject liquid phosphorus. It’s applied real close to the seed, but not on it. With the other boot I had injected liquid right on the seed, and it made a mess. I was also limited on how much I could apply because it was going right on the seed.
  “I use the main fertilizer tube on the VW boot to apply liquid nitrogen about 1/2 in. deeper than the seed. This boot is smaller, more efficient and without as much drag. It has carbide surfaces on the point, the underside and back edges, so it shows a lot less wear. The only complaint I have is that the liquid tubes weren’t uniformly cut or mounted in the same place. They were off by 1/4 to 1/2 in., which caused some plugging in wet soil conditions.
  “I really like the way this point pulls in the ground and the fact it puts on 2 different types of liquid fertilizer at once. Canola, which is planted fairly shallow, is very important to have at a uniform depth, and these points do an outstanding job. I also used the points in the fall of 2013 to plant winter wheat on CRP ground that had been worked with a Summers vertical tillage tool. The seed was well distributed and the young plants came up very uniformly.
  “I spent about $17,500 on these openers for my 60-ft. drill, and this included 5 extra points and 2 additional seed bodies, and I hope to plant about 10,000 acres with them. I had 5 of the points break on the outer back edges when I hit rocks. This is a bit concerning because I never broke a point or seed boot on my old Flexi-Coil system, although they did wear out faster.”

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