2014 - Volume #38, Issue #1, Page #03
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Store And Handle Silage Easier

Bunker silos are great, but handling silage in older barns or with small TMR mixer carts can be difficult. A new storage and handling system from J.B. Gingrich provides the transition. Dump the silage in with a large front-end loader, and meter it out into small carts.
  “A lot of dairy farmers have gone to bunker storage, but older barns with narrow alleyways and smaller feed carts still have to get the silage to the cows,” says Jesse Gingrich, a former dairy farmer himself. “With our storage unit, they can fill small feed carts quickly. They don’t have to fork the silage in to get correct amounts.”
  Each storage unit holds 3 to 4 tons of corn silage. The angled bin has a footprint of 4 ft. by 11 ft. by 10 ft. high. A chain-driven apron carries silage from the bottom of the bin to drop it in the mixer cart.
  “The storage unit is closed on the bottom so there is no feed spillage,” says Gingrich. “The apron unloader ensures that feed is kept fresh. It’s always first in, first out.”
  The storage unit can be set up with a stationary mixer. It can be used for commodity feed as well as with silage. It’s priced at $5,600 (Canadian).
  “One customer set one up for commodity feeds and another for silage,” says Gingrich. “It unloads very quickly and accurately meters silage into your mixer wagons.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, J.B. Gingrich, Inc., 169 Katherine St. N., RR 2, West Montrose, Ont., Canada N0B 2V0 (ph 519 664-3826).

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2014 - Volume #38, Issue #1