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Tractor-Mounted "Stalk Punisher" Works Great On Rough Ground
The latest innovation to save your tractor tires from stalk damage is this new tractor-mounted “Stalk Punisher”, which we spotted at the recent Nebraska Power Farming Show.
    “It flattens corn stalks across the entire width of your tractor, and pivots left or right to stay in contact with the ground at all times. It works fantastic on hills and uneven ground,” says Dale Young, Young’s Welding & Repair, Inc., Friend, Neb.
    The Stalk Punisher consists of two 6-ft. long skids made from 1/4-in. thick steel that’s covered by a layer of 1/4-in. thick poly. The skids clamp onto a toolbar and can be moved in or out simply by loosening the clamps. Maximum skid coverage is 14 ft., 10 in. The toolbar bolts onto a steel plate that bolts onto the tractor behind the weight brackets.
    The entire unit pivots at the middle on a big bushing located behind the toolbar. A pair of heavy duty springs at the top of the toolbar bring it back to the neutral position. Turnbuckles are used to adjust the spring tension. The unit is raised and lowered by a pair of hydraulic cylinders.
    “You don’t have to line up with the rows like you do with shoe-type stalk stompers, which is a big advantage,” says Young. “By covering the entire width of the tractor you can pull a disk diagonally across a field with no problem. It also works great for strip tilling, where you plant right over the rows made the previous year. The center swivel feature works great not only on hills but also on ditches and terraces,” says Young. 
    The Stalk Punisher sells for $5,825.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Young’s Welding & Repair, Inc., 117 Main, P.O. Box 73, Friend, Neb. 68359 (ph 402 947-5131 or 402 430-4939; youngsweld@yahoo.com; www.youngsweld.com).

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