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Used Totes Take On New Lives
Food grade and non-food grade totes have many alternative uses, says Damon Carson, Repurposed Materials. Carson should know. He has been recycling the bulk containers to customers around the country.
  “We’ve had them used for everything from deer blinds and firewood storage to septic systems and aquaponics,” says Carson. “Take the bladder out and use just the cage, or leave it in and use them both. The cage is designed to be used with pallet forks, so it’s easy to move.”
  The 275-gal. bladders sit inside galvanized steel cages. They are 40 in. wide by 48 in. long and 48 in. tall. The empty weight is 100 lbs. The bladder or tank has an 8-in. top hole and a 2-in. ball valve at the bottom.
  “Uses are as simple or as complex as the customer desires,” says Carson, who often gets pictures from customers showing how items have been repurposed.
  Totes have been buried in series and used as a septic tank for a backwoods cabin. Others were used for a purification system for runoff water. One was cut in half and the bottom half used to raise fish. The top half was used to raise plants using the fish waste and filtering the water for reuse. Another with the bladder removed made a hay feeder for sheep.
  “A guy made a hunting blind out of two totes,” says Carson.
  The customer used one tote for the bottom of the blind, cutting one side away and remounting it with hinges. He used half of the second tote to build a top for the blind, leaving plenty of room between them to watch for deer. He mounted a swivel chair in the bottom tote giving him a 360° field of view.
  Food grade totes sell for $150 each. Non-food grade totes sell for $75 each. Shipping is $210 for one tote or $250 for two. Availability varies.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Repurposed Materials, 10220 Brighton Rd., Unit 7, Henderson, Colo. 80640 (ph 303 321-1471; www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com).

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