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Remote Control Designed To Made Pto-Power Jobs Easier
Start pumps and other pto or engine-powered equipment remotely with the Broadcaster 1 remote engine controller. Recently introduced by Sunova WorX for use with manure pumps, grain augers and more, the Broadcaster 1 makes it easy for an operator to control and monitor equipment remotely.
  “The remote operator can start the tractor or other engine, activate the pto and control rpm’s,” says Diane Normand, project manager, Sunova WorX. “What sets our system apart from other remote controllers is that we offer a feedback system. Once installed on an engine, an operator can monitor engine functions like output pressure, engine pressure, oil pressure at the pump and more depending on the sensors installed.”
  Normand points out that the Broadcaster 1 can be installed on engines with newer electronic systems or older mechanical systems. Sunova WorX even installed one on a 1950’s McCormick.
  “Farmers often use older tractors as power sources,” suggests Normand. “We wanted to show that our controller works fine on tractors of any age.”
  Brackets do need to be fabricated when used with mechanical systems like the throttle lever or pedal. Similarly, cables are provided to hook into existing electrical switches. A simple jump cable bypasses the controller system and allows the tractor to be operated conventionally.
  “We have the ability with newer tractors to connect directly to the CAN bus system,” says Normand. “However, that could void the warranty.”
  Normand emphasizes that each installation is customized to the situation. Installations can be permanent or use portable controllers and be moved from one power source to another.
  “Basically we start with how you currently operate, what you would like to control, and what equipment you are currently using,” she says. “We have units working with grain augers, opening and closing doors for grain dumping pits, dewatering in oilfields, and even on fire fighting pumps.”
  A common use for the Broadcaster 1 is manure pumping. It can be used to control drag hose pumps and booster pumps up to 2 miles from a pit and monitor functions up to 3 miles distant. Each booster pump becomes a repeater, extending communications to the next pump. If a problem develops along the length of the hose, the system will shut down almost instantly.
  If used with tanker loading, a pipe can be laid with discharge up to 1,500 yards from the pump and set up for multiple operators.
  “Each Broadcaster 1 has a personal channel ID with encryption so it will only talk to a remote with the same broadcast channel and encryption,” explains Norman. “You can have multiple remotes, so more than one tanker operator can activate the pumping system for reloading. Each operator logs in and out to operate the controller.”
  Normand suggests that while the initial installation might take several hours if brackets need to be fabricated, considerably less time is needed for repeat use. “After getting acquainted with the controller the first time, you’ll be up and running in half an hour,” she says.
  Because of customization needed, pricing varies by the job, notes Normand. However, a controller installed on a pumping tractor sells for about $4,500. One for use on a slurry dragline starts at about $7,500.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sunova WorX, 196679 19th Line,
 R.R. 1, Lakeside, Ont., Canada N0M 2G0 (ph 519 349-2075; toll free 888 495-0826; sunovasales@sunova.ca; www.sunova.ca).

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