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See It In Action To Really "Get" It!
An idea came into FARM SHOW the other day that I didn’t quite “get” until I saw the video. Frank Brankin is a FARM SHOW fan who lives near Belfast in Northern Ireland. He had a bunch of pull-start motors around his place that he was tired of starting. So he made a little gadget—powered by an electric drill—that gives the pull-start cord several pulls in quick succession until it starts. Virtually no effort is required by the operator.
  The problem with this great little idea is that it’s almost impossible to do an adequate job describing how amazing it is. Fortunately, Frank sent along a brief video showing it in action—and we’ve got an easy way to show it to you. Frank’s video is on display at www.farmshow.com, along with videos of other inventions we’ve featured. If you don’t have a computer, go to a friend’s house or stop by the library. It’s worth a trip.
  By the way, Frank told us he’s applied for a patent on his pull-starter and is looking for a manufacturer. He’s also considering making them himself. Here’s how to contact him: Frank Brankin, 4 Carnkilly Road, Glenavy, Crumlin, Co. Antrim, BT29 4NW Northern Ireland (frank.brankin@btinternet.com).

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