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Pickup With Hydraulics Pulls Dump Trailer
"After having back surgery three years ago I realized I could no longer push round bales off my flatbed trailer, so I decided to add hydraulic power to my pickup and buy a dump trailer," says Pace Guthrie, Forest, Miss., who owns a Ford F-250 with a 4-speed transmission.
"I used a junked pto drive gear. I bought a new U joint and welded a 7/8-in. rod to a broken tractor pto shaft to drive a Farmhand loader pump salvaged from a loader I had junked. I used 2 by 2-in. angle iron to build a frame under the truck to mount the pump.
"Since the truck shaft turns in the opposite direction of a tractor, I had to reverse the Farmhand pump. You can run it back-ward by putting the pto shaft on the opposite end of the pump shaft.
"I mounted the Farmhand valve and tank in the corner of the box and, with a little plumbing and quick couplers, was ready to plug into anything that would normally be powered by tractor hydraulics. I put the pump in and out of gear with a ball crank connected to the pump by a long rod.
"My hay trailer is a Hillsboro flatbed that has a dump cylinder. I extended the bed 2 ft. so I can haul 11 bales on our long hauls. I leave my front end loader in the field until I've got all the bales out, and then bring it back to the barnyard to stack the bales I've dumped.
"After three years I've had no problems. My next new truck will have a pto drive - I can't live without it now." Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pace Guthrie, Rt. 1, Box 102-B, Forest, Miss. 39074 (ph 601-469-4526).

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