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Remote-Operated Jib-A-Bob
Ice fishermen will like our new remote-operated "Jig-A-Bob" that lets you jig the bait up and down by simply squeezing a rubber bulb attached to the device by a 12-ft. hose. A 2-in. dia. transparent cylinder, open at the top, is pushed through a hole in the center of a 6-in. dia. polyethylene disc which is lowered over the bobber in the ice hole. You close a valve on top of the cylinder which creates a vacuum inside it. When you squeeze the rubber bulb it varies the pressure inside the cylinder and causes the bobber to jig up and down. If you're in your ice fishing house you can squeeze the bullb with your foot and play cards at the same time. It also works great for outdoor fishing because you can operate it right from any vehicle. The bobber is always visible. The base of the device helps retard freezing of the ice hole and the cylinder has a double wall for insulation. Retails for $19.99. (Don Torgrimson, Triple-T Products, Rt. 2, Box 140, Minot, N. Dak. 58701 ph 701852-6977)

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1991 - Volume #15, Issue #1