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Low Cost Battery Charger
A 12-volt transformer and a pair of large power diodes mounted on an aluminum "heat sink" makes a low-cost 70-amp battery charger for Charles Yokimas, Victoria, B.C.
Yokimas paid $20 for the transformer and $10 for each diode. He mounted the diodes on top of the heat sink, then bolted the transformer and heat sink to a wooden board. To charge a battery he simply plugs the transformer into an electrical outlet and runs jumper cables from the charger to the vehicle's battery.
"It does the same job as a $300 commercial fast charger," says Yokimas. "I bought the transformer used for $20 at a local surplus parts store. A new trans-former would cost about $200. I bought the aluminum heat sink and diodes for $20 at a computer surplus store. The heat sink prevents the diodes from getting too hot. The only limitation is that it has no controls. I have to make sure I don't leave the transformer on too long or I could damage the vehicle's battery."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Charles Yokimas, 2770 Ronald Road, Victoria, B.C. Canada V9B 4K1 (ph 604 474-5230).

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