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Garden Seeder Plants 4 Rows At A Time
“The Four-Row Seeder is a favorite with our customers,” says Adam Lemieux, product manager for tools at Johnny’s Selected Seeds. “It’s affordable, and where space is at a premium like in a greenhouse, it works right against the walls. It’s easy to maneuver. Just set it in place and pull it toward you.”
  Lemieux explains that the seeder requires a finely tilled seedbed, nicely compacted and rock and debris-free.
  The Four-Row Pinpoint Seeder sells for $249. The operator can plant four rows 2 1/4 in. apart or closer, depending on hopper placement. It can also plant two rows either 4 1/2 in. or 6 3/4 in. apart. V-plows at the rear bottom of each hopper create row openings as the seeder is pulled toward the operator.
  A moveable center shaft offers 4 seed-hole sizes or dimples designed for small and mid-sized seeds. Sliding the shaft under the hoppers selects the dimple for the appropriate seed size. As the shaft rotates under the hopper, seeds fall into the dimple and drop into the row. Adjustable brushes limit the number of seeds per drop, usually just one or two.
  “The seeder is best for dense plantings,” says Lemieux. “It also does well with pelleted seed for single seed placement.”
  An optional Extended Range Shaft has dimples sized for two smaller sized seeds and also two larger sized seeds. It’s priced at $69.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Johnny’s Selected Seed, P.O. Box 299, Waterville, Maine 04903 (ph 207 861-3900; toll free 877 564-6697; service@johnnyseeds.com; www.johnnyseeds.com).

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