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Electronic Device Monitors Water Usage
Aquamonitora, a new wireless device, makes it easier for Australians to keep track of their water supply and usage. Monitoring is crucial in regions where water is scarce and stored in tanks.
  “You can’t manage what you can’t monitor,” says Andrew Stewart, managing director of Aquamonitor Pty. Ltd. in Queensland, Australia. “What we are trying to achieve is to raise the awareness of water consumption within the household and within the business.”
  Aquamonitor is easy to set up and use. A battery-operated tank sensor is attached to the top of a tank and reads the water level with ultrasonic sensors. It transmits the water level to a display unit, which shows usage, water levels and tank inflow and can be set with visual and sound alerts for water level, excessive usage or theft. A second type of sensor can be fitted to a water meter to monitor mains water consumption. The display provides data from up to three tank sensors and a mains (water meter) sensor.
  It’s an affordable system (about $150 for the display and $150 per sensor) that doesn’t require an annual data fee.
  “Typical users are farms and business owners, hotels and resorts, turf farms and sustainability auditors. Of particular interest is usage with monitoring header tanks that gravity feed homes. Remote monitoring is a real convenience,” Stewart says.
  With a stopwatch feature, specific usages can be tested such as how much water is being used by appliances, for watering vegetable gardens and for taking showers.
  “Aquamonitor is a very effective educational tool,” Stewart says. “My teenage son almost halved his shower water usage since we installed it.”
  “This is a brand new product, and at present the monitor is available only in Australia and New Zealand,” Steward says. “We would be very interested in working with distributors in North America to make the product available there, too.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Aquamonitor Pty. Ltd., Unit 32/27 South Pine Rd., Brendale Qld 4500, Australia (ph 011 61 617 3205 4919; www.aquamonitor.com.au).

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