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Stay Fueled Up With "Check-my-tank"
Ever been in the midst of harvest and wonder how much fuel is in the tanks? Or have you ever had a fuel leak you didn’t catch right away?

    There’s a new British system that addresses those issues and more.

    “Check-my-tank” is a fuel monitoring and management system that not only lets you check tank levels remotely and sends alerts when tanks run low, it also provides price information from area fuel companies.

    Since its introduction in late 2012, and a short interview on BBC radio, interest has spread all over Britain and around the world. So, inventor Alan Smith is investigating ways to expand the service.

    Check-my-tank includes an ultrasonic tank monitoring device and a modem to connect to smart phones, computers and other electronic devices. The cost of equipment, setup and mobile monitoring is about $400 the first year and $100 each year after that (for one tank). For an extra fee, one system can monitor up to six tanks within 600 ft. of the modem. Works on gas, diesel, fuel oil, and propane.

    Because customers can compare prices and don’t need to pay for a “top-off” service that keeps tanks filled (for a fee), Check-my-tank pays for itself in a year for most small usage customers and in six weeks for high users.

    Bonus savings comes from consumers changing their habits and using less fuel, because they can see how much they’re using.

    “We’ve got three big schools, a number of farmers and rural hotel chains and nursing homes,” Smith says. Last fall, farmers used Check-my-tank to get hourly readings of fuel used for their drying bins.

    “They can see if someone steals fuel from their tank and get alerts,” he notes. Plus the mobile monitoring saves labor costs of workers physically checking fuel tanks. British chemical companies contacted Smith about installing Check-my-tank in farmers’ on-farm tanks to provide their customers an additional service.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Alan Smith, Check-my-tank (www.check-my-tank.com).

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