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He Used YouTube To Order A Part
Need a replacement part, but donít know the part number? Instead of getting on the phone and trying to describe the whatchamacallit, take a video, post it on YouTube, and send a link to the company. Thatís what Bill Kreitzer did when he needed a new valve for a faucet. Thanks to the companyís lifetime warranty, he received a free part within a couple of weeks.
  ďThey always say a picture is worth a thousand words. It was so easy to videotape the part. I used an iPhone that has an app that lets you choose where to send videos, including one to upload to YouTube,Ē Kreitzer said.
  He saved the video as a private upload on YouTube and emailed the website link to the companyís customer service. He didnít attach the video, he explained, because most businesses wonít open email attachments because of potential viruses.
  But they can safely open a YouTube site. Choosing the private option ensures his 14-second video wonít be available to others who donít know the address.
  People who donít have a smart phone can upload video from a camera to YouTube.
  ďIf you donít know how, ask a grandkid,Ē Kreitzer suggests.
  Go to www.farmshow.com to see his video.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kreitzer Farms, P.O. Box 1, Elliott, Ill. 60933 (ph 217 781-4367; BillKreitzer@vermipod.com).

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