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Torch, Valve Conversion
Gene Boehler, Boehler Welding & Repair, Farmersville, Ill.: “The control valves on cutting torches wear smooth as they get older, which makes them slippery and therefore harder to turn especially if you’re wearing greasy gloves. To solve the problem I converted the round valve on my torch into a square one, simply by mounting a 2-in. sq., 3/8-in. thick brass plate over the valve.
  “I drilled and tapped one edge of the plate so I could install a set screw and used a hole saw to make a hole in the middle of the plate big enough to fit over the valve. The set screw tightened the plate to the valve. The square valve is a lot easier to turn, even when I’m wearing greasy gloves. A steel or aluminum plate would also work.
  “Here’s something scary that happened in my shop. The abrasive wheel on my shop grinder exploded. Part of it veered off the tool’s guard shield with such force that it stuck in my shop door. I still haven’t found the rest of the wheel.”

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