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Simple Bale Unroller Works Behind Any Vehicle
I made a round bale unroller that I can pull behind an ATV, a lawn mower or even a pickup to unroll a round bale in less than 5 min., says Alfred Grice of Oxford, Ark. His special hay tool is made out of pipe, chain and flat metal that he had around his farm.
  Grice built the unroller using two pieces of 1 1/4-in. pipe cut to 7 1/2 ft. long. He drilled a 1/2-in. hole in each pipe 18 in. from one end, then bolted the pipes together with a 3-in. bolt and a locking nut so the pipes would rotate in a scissors-like action. He welded a piece of chain 2 ft. long to the pipe ends that were bolted together, then placed a 3 1/2-in. muffler clamp in the middle that would hook over a hitch ball. He bent the pipes at a slight angle in the middle and supported that bend with a brace.
  On the straight end of each pipe he welded a 20-in. long spike at a 90-degree angle. He reinforced the welded ends with flat iron and sharpened the other ends to a point. Grice put a 6-in. utility wheel on each spike to act as a shim against the pipe arms. The sharpened ends of each spike go into the center of a bale when the unroller is mounted onto a bale. After a bale is unrolled, the wheels carry the unroller so it doesnt drag on the ground.
  The spikes on his unroller arms go into the center of the bale and the chain hooks to the pulling vehicle. As the chain is tightened the pipes squeeze the bale in a scissors-like action and move it forward. Grice says his device will also move a bale from a yard to a pasture without unrolling the hay as long as the twine is tight. When the bale is in position to unroll, just cut the twine and its ready to go.
  Grice says his unroller is so simple that people cant believe it works. I show them how easy it is to connect and move or unroll a bale and they cant believe it. It weighs less than 50 pounds and is easy to move from one place to another in the back of a pickup. Around a yard it rides on two 6-in. wheels.
  Grice is willing to sell plans to anyone who wants to build an unroller themselves.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Alfred Grice, P.O. Box 125, Oxford, Ark. 72565 (ph 870 371-3378).

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