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Timer-Controlled Grazing Gate
This new timer-controlled gate, specifically designed for intensive pasture grazing, opens and closes by itself and uses your own voice to let your cows know when the gate is open.
  The Smart Gate is a timer/remote activated gate system with an electrified aluminum rod, which opens and closes up to 8 times a day without having to reset the timer.
  “Since the gate closes by itself, you don’t have to run back just to shut your cows in,” says John Borkholder, Bremen, Ind.
  The aluminum rod clips to your existing electric fence wire and telescopes out up to 15 ft. A built-in timer automatically opens and closes the gate on your schedule, and a built-in loudspeaker calls cows with your own recorded call when the gate opens. The timer is activated by a rechargeable battery that lasts about 3 weeks.
  An attached shoulder strap allows you to carry the kit like a backpack so you can easily move the unit from one pasture to another.
  The kit also includes a wireless remote that can be used to open and close the gate from up to 300 ft. away.
  “The timer can save you up to an hour a day moving cows,” says Borkholder, who notes that his brother David designed the unit. “You can stay in bed at 4 a.m. without having to get up and walk out to open the gate, and your cows will still come in to get their feed. Getting cows to the barn early before milking can increase their dry matter intake by allowing them to eat their bunk ration early. When they’re done milking they’ll hit the grass immediately, before the heat of the day.
  “We got the first units out in the field two years ago and now have 20 in the field. A lot of people who buy one want a second one before very long.”
  The kit sells for $695 plus S&H.
  Also available is a remote-activated unit that’s designed as a high-traffic barnyard gate. It doesn’t include a timer, speaker or voice recorder and sells for $595 plus S&H. “It works great when hauling manure,” says John.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Borkholder, Shepherd Innovations, 11667 Tyler Rd., Bremen, Ind. 46506 (ph 574 633-4054).

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