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"Pallet Boxes" Make Firewood Handling Easy
“My pallet boxes really simplify the job of handling and storing firewood. I simply nail four pallets together to make a box and then hand stack the firewood inside. I use a tractor with forks to move the boxes around and to stack them,” says Eric Petrevich, Glen Gardner, N.J.
  Petrevich sells firewood to local customers and gets the pallets for free wherever he can find them. He uses a pneumatic nail gun and zinc coated nails to nail pallets together.
  “The boxes are a little wobbly when they’re empty, but once they’re filled with firewood they form a solid structure that won’t wobble and that makes them easy to move around and stack,” says Petrevich.
  “When I need to deliver wood to a customer I can either set the pallets directly on my flatbed truck, or tilt the pallet down so the wood dumps out of the box and onto the bed.
  “It’s a big time-saver because I only have to handle the wood once. By stacking the pallets two high I can store more wood in a smaller space. And I can easily move the pallets to expose the wood to the sun so it dries more evenly. In the past I would set the wood on the ground in rows in one direction, and only one side would get exposed to the sun. Also, the wood in the rows in front was always the wettest. I wanted to sell the most seasoned wood first, but that wood was always in back where I couldn’t get at it.
  “It really works great for customers who have their own trailer and a tractor with forks, because they can retrieve wood from the trailer without having to do any restacking.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Eric Petrevich, 210 Route 513, Glen Gardner, N.J. 08826 (ph 908 812-3300; farmshow@megageek.com).

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