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Vibrator Speeds Truck Unloading
You can eliminate the need to hammer the sides of feed trucks and trailers to keep materials moving while unloading. The Turbomite CVT-80 Bolt Bite Vibrator keeps bridged material moving. Nick Chestnut, operations manager, Cattle Empire, LLC, puts the vibrator to the test on one of the largest cattle feeding operations in the U.S. He oversees the arrival and unloading of 50 to 60 semi trailers every day, with each delivering 50,000 lbs. of feedstock.
  “With trucks that can withstand an industrial vibrator, and where we have a trucker’s approval to attach the Turbomite, we have cut freight unloading and associated manpower time by more than 75 percent, down to an average 30 min. unload time per truck,” says Chestnut. “When I first saw the CVT-80, I thought it wouldn’t do anything because it’s fairly lightweight, but this is a powerful product that handles the toughest materials with ease and efficiency. Plus, it only takes 30 sec. to attach and detach the unit.”
  The CVT-80 weighs only 2.5 lbs. It stands 3 1/2 in. tall and 5 1/2 in. wide. It has an adjustable mounting bracket and can attach to run at any angle. Enclosed moving parts require no lubrication.
  The vibrator is air-powered. At 80 psi, it produces approximately 579.4 lbs. of force at a frequency of 10,255 vibrations per min. using 5.2 cfm of air.
  The Turbomite CVT-80 Bolt Bite Vibrator clamping mount has a 3/4-in. mouth with two, 3/4-in. #10 bolts that “bite” down in 30 sec. or less. Equipped with the CVT-80, it is priced at $495.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cleveland Vibrator Co., 2828 Clinton Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44113 (ph 800 221-3298; www.clevelandvibrator.com).

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