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Electric Mower "Runs All Day"
This new walk-behind electric mower seems to run all day on its powerful battery pack, or lithium energy module (LEM). At least, that’s what customers tell Joe Conrad at Mean Green Products, LLC. He knows they’re exaggerating, but he also knows why they say it.
  “The WBX-33 with the LEM80 lithium module is designed to run for more than 4 hrs.,” says Conrad. “People think it runs longer because they are going from job to job, and it just keeps going without running out of power. If you want it to really run all day, just get a second battery pack. It slides right in when the first one wears down.”
  It isn’t just the power pack that Conrad’s customers like. The 33-in. wide mower can mow from 2 to 4 acres, depending on the size LEM it has.
  It has a top speed of 5 mph forward and 2 1/2 mph in reverse, with fingertip speed control. Auto-shutdown of mowing blades before the LEM is depleted ensures adequate power to return to a charging area or to swap out the depleted LEM for a fully charged unit. The LEM’s used by Mean Green Products last for about 1,500 charging cycles, or 10 to 15 years.
  The WBX-33 peaks out at 16 hp and has a list price of $4,100 with three LEM options. The LEM40 will power the mower for more than 2 hrs. and is priced at $995. The LEM50 is priced at $1,500 and will power the mower for 3 hrs. The powerful LEM80 with its 4-hr. run time is priced at $1,995. A charger for the LEM battery pack is priced at $475.
  “Regardless of the size LEM on it, the WBX-33 will blow away other electric mowers,” says Conrad. “It has as much or more power than a gas engine with the same horsepower. At its commercial cutting speed, it throws grass 10 ft. out of the chute.”
  Residential mowers normally run with a tip speed of 13,000 to 14,000 fpm (feet per minute). The WBX-33 has two operating modes. When the grass is lighter, reducing the tip speed to 16,200 fpm can extend running time by 25 percent. If the grass is heavy, the tip speed can be increased to about 17,800 fpm for a normal run time.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mean Green Products, LLC, P.O. Box 317, Okeana, Ohio 45053 (ph 513 200-7561; www.meangreenproducts.com).

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