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Hydrostatic Pto's Run In Reverse
Last January, FARM SHOW reported on the all-hydrostatic Hydratil tractor that featured a fistful of industry firsts, including the first hydrostatically powered power take-off.
    Developed by Hydra-Pow’r, Denver, Colo., the revolutionary pto features infinitely variable speeds up to 1,000 rpm, and the ability to run in reverse to unclog a jammed combine or forage chopper. It also maintains a constant speed even though engine speed may vary.
    These and other features have been incorporated into a just-announced hydrostatically-powered, electrically-controlled power take-off developed by Steiger Tractor, Fargo, N. Dak. It’s available in three Steiger models and the four 4-wheel drive tractors which Steiger builds for Ford.
    From Steiger, the new-style hydrostatic pto is offered in models PT-225, PT-270 and PT-350 (the numbers refer to engine horsepower).
    From Ford, the new-style pto is optional in the company’s just introduced FW-60 (335 engine hp); FW-40 (295 hp); FW-30 (265 hp) and the FW-20 (210 engine hp).
    “The combination of hydrostatic power and electronic controls makes this the power take-off unit with a brain,” says Jack Johnson, president of Steiger Tractor.
    Here, according to Steiger engineers, are key features which the new pto’s on Steiger tractors and Steiger-built Ford tractors offer over conventional pto’s:
    Infinitely variable RPM speed: Since the pto is powered by a hydrostatic motor, and not directly by the tractor engine, it can operate at any speed up to 1000 rpms. A digital meter tells you just how fast the pto is turning over. This means you can choose the most efficient pto speed to operate a particular implement or machine.
    Governed pto speed: The Steiger engineered pto can maintain constant speed while the engine varies. On the Steiger PT-225 and PT-270 models, for example, pto speed remains constant while engine speed varies from 2200 to 1600 rpm. This means you can slow down to pick up downed corn stalks, for example, while maintaining full pto speed.
    Electronic controls: A pto rated power light in the cab activates when the pto is putting gout a full 105 hp or more at the pto shaft. The pto will operate up to 125 hp, a buzzer sounds and a red light flashes. The unit will then put out 125 hp for six seconds before shutting itself off to avoid overload stress.
    The electronic controls include temperature and pressure warning lights as well. Should a temperature or pressure problem arise, the unit automatically shuts off.
    Tilt-up control console: For easy operation, the pto control console is convenient to the operator’s right hand. It swings up for easy entry and exit.
    Slow reverse pto: The Steiger-engineered hydrostatic pto can run in slow reverse, allowing you to unclog a jammed combine or forage chopper without leaving the cab.
    Braked safety shutdown: The new pto is braked so it stops instantly, unlike many other conventional pto’s that flywheel to a stop. It can be turned off from the cab, from behind the tractor, or from a 20-ft. long remote control cord.
    For more details, see your Steiger or Ford dealer, or contact the respective manufacturers direct.
    Steiger Tractor Inc., 3101 1st Ave. No., Fargo, N. Dak. 58102 (ph 701 203-4400).
    Ford Tractor Operations, 2500 E. Maple Rd., Troy, Mich. 48084 (ph 313 643-2764).
    Hydr-Pow’r, Robert Klepper, Pres. 4975 Jackson St., Denver, Colo. 80216 (ph 303 399-5157).

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