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Fly Sprayer Runs On Air Pressure
This year at fly time, why not let your livestock do their own fly control?
  They can, thanks to the new Better Spray unit introduced by Grand Island Automatic Sprayer Company, Grand Island, Neb. Outstanding feature of the spray unit for beef or dairy cattle is that it operates on air pressure and needs no electric or other outside power source.
  For beef cattle, it can be placed in feedlots, or in remote pastures near watering tanks. Dairymen can install units in barn doorways, or entrances to milking parlor holding areas.
  The automatic spray unit consists of a 20-gal. chemical tank and 10 gal. compressed air tank attached to spray nozzles in a walk-through location. When an animal passes through, it pushes an automatic wand which causes spray to be released under pressure. After the animal leaves, a valve closes and the system shuts off.
  There is no wasted spray. Sprayer operates only when an animal passes through it. Itís completely silent with no pumps to startle cattle, and no danger of electric shock to man or animal.
  The automatic valve is Teflon seated and fully resistant to chemicals. All other parts are rust resistant. There is no electronic mechanism to get out of adjustment.
  The air tank, charged with 100 lbs. of air, provides 2,000 ďspraysĒ. Itís equipped with a T-handle and a turn-tight plug for quick removal and replacement without use of a wrench. One chemical tank and air tank can be used to operate multiple doorway spray units.
  This self-contained spray system is priced at $270. A second door unit costs $120. The sprayer carries a 1-year factory warranty.
  For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Grand Island Automatic Sprayer Company, P.O. Box 1158, Grand Island, NB 68801 (ph 308 382-7300).

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