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Lace-On Boots For Horses
New urethane Easyboots that “outwear iron shoes three to one” have been enthusiastically received by veterinarians, trainers and horse owners, according to the manufacturer.
  “It’s estimated that 80% of lameness in horses is caused or aggravated by conventional shoeing,” explains Neal Glass, president of Les-Kare, manufacturer of the new boot. “A good many problems arise simply because nailing on an iron shoe locks in problems that a barefoot hoof would automatically adjust to by natural wear and freedom.”
  A key advantage with Easyboots is that they can be easily slipped off when not needed, allowing the horse to go barefoot. “Some users have reported over 1,000 miles of wear on a set of boots. If you can wear them out in 90 days, we’ll replace them,” says Glass.
  He cites the following additional features of Easyboots:
-You can put them on over metal shoes. However, they provide complete hoof protection and traction in themselves, eliminating the need for metal shoes in most cases.
-Let your horse go barefoot all you can, using Easyboots only when the horse needs foot protection or traction.
-Easyboot’s urethane surface eliminates the problem of snow collecting or “balling up” on the bottom of the boot. Optional barium ice studs provide positive grip on sheet ice.
-A limited amount of water can get into the boot. However, this reportedly causes no harm. You can use Easyboot to soak and soften the hoof for easier trimming, and to medicate the hoof.
-A small amount of sand can get into the boot, although sand seldom causes problems, according to the manufacturer. If it does bother, simply insert a piece of foam rubber between the heel strap and boot, or use an optional kit to make an exact hoof fitting liner for each boot.
-When properly fitted, the buckle can’t open by itself, nor can a stick or other object open it. Keeping the boots on is no problem if instructions for adjusting and fastening are followed, says the manufacturer.
  Easyboots are available in black and natural colors. Colored boots may be obtained by using commercial dyes on natural boots. They’re available in four sizes to fit hooves from 4 to 5 3/4 in. in dia. Pony sizes, and extra large sizes, can be custom ordered.
  For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Les-Kare, Inc., Box AAA, Pojoaque, N.M. 87501 (ph 505 455-7817).

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