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Metal Fabricator markets His Metal-Working Tools
If you do a lot of metal work, Swag Off Road may have the tools you need. Swag specializes in developing add-ons that let you do more with the tools you have. Products include the Portaband Table for use with hand-held metal cutting bandsaws, brake kits and tubing roller dies for Harbor Freight hydraulic brakes, tubing rollers, and more.
  “I’m a mechanical engineer by training, and when I need a tool in my metal fabrication shop, I make it,” explains Troy Rutherford, Swag Off Road. “I’ll make another 10, and if they sell, I put them on my website. Every tool is designed, made and tested here in the U.S. They are designed for the shop/garage fabricator, but are able to withstand industrial use.”
  Rather than build a tool from scratch, he often takes a low cost, easily available one and enhances it. A good example is the $180 Harbor Freight Tubing Roller, which Rutherford says is in a league of its own based on one simple principle...price.
  “We improved it and added dies so it can roll many different shapes and sizes of material,” explains Rutherford. “It comes with 3 round tube dies, and we offer 19 different sizes and types that include stock round tube dies, square dies and round pipe dies, as well as a universal edge roller for rolling flat bar on edge.”
  Enhancements to the roller include modified drive axles, center drive roller, and weld-on wings that make rolling larger diameter and heavier-wall materials possible and easy. The company also offers a low-cost tube bender digital readout accurate to 1/10 of a degree. It works on a variety of tube benders – manual, hydraulic and air/hydraulic.
  Die sets are priced at $164.95. The digital readout is priced at $79.95.
  Another example of making a good tool better is the Portaband Table. It works with a variety of popular hand-held metal bandsaws and can be adapted to more. It quickly turns a portable bandsaw into a vertical unit. Rutherford offers 4 different models, from a very simple early design to a more refined and feature-filled version. Prices range from $44.95 to $109.95. Accessories include a 15-amp power foot switch, Ryobi Miter Gauge Assembly, and a bolt-on Miter Gauge track.
  Other Swag Off Road products vary from DIY builder kits for 12 and 20-ton Harbor Freight hydraulic press brakes to a simple wall-mount for disk grinders.
  To see some of the tools in action, visit www.farmshow.com and link to the videos. Printed information on many of the tools is also available on request. Rutherford asks that a stamped self-addressed envelope be included with requests for a brochure to speed the process.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Swag Off Road Inc., 19149 South End Rd., Oregon City, Ore. 97045 (ph 541 915-2775; www.swagoffroad.com).

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