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Hub Puller Fixes Skid Steers Fast
Replacing seals and bearings on skid steer hubs without damaging the hub is a real challenge. That’s why Jerry Titera developed the Hub Master Hub Puller.
    “Mechanics tell me it can often take 30 min. or more to get a hub off normally,” says Titera. “It takes me 30 sec. to remove a hub. Watch my video and time me. It takes me 2 min. to pop the wheel off and have the hub in my hand.”
    Titera’s brainstorm came out of frustration. He had a leaky seal on his Bobcat skid steer and tried to get the hub off and failed. The removable hub is a great innovation over other skid steers that still have the hub as a part of the axle. However, it fits so tight that it can be nearly impossible to get free.
    “After two nights in the shop I had the rough design for my hub puller, tried it, and it worked,” recalls Titera. “All I needed to do was to move the hub 1/16 in., and it’s off.”
    What Titera came up with was a puller plate drilled to match the bolt pattern on the hub. It has a big pin at the center. Once the wheel is removed, he slips the plate with the pin in it onto the bolts and tightens the lug nuts. The pressure of the pin against the axle pops the hub loose.
    Titera has a patent pending on his invention, which is being produced by Sheyenne Tool & Mfg. of Cooperstown, N. Dak. The puller is powder coated, and the center pin is coated against rust. He has it priced at $395, including S&H and tax.
    “I always check back with customers on their satisfaction levels and ask if it was worth the price,” says Titera. “They tell me it’s worth it for time saved alone.”
    Currently Titera makes his Hub Puller for 8-in. wheel patterns. He plans to come out with a 10-in. pattern for the new M Series Bobcat.
    At this time the Hub Puller is only available direct from Titera.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hub Master Inc., 33472 141st Ave., Bagley, Minn. 56621 (hubmasterinc@mail.com ; www.hubmasterinc.com).

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