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Wireless Controls For "Everything Electric"
You can wirelessly control your house and yard lights – and virtually anything else that runs on electric power – with a small transmitter or key fob. Developed and used by a licensed electrician for his customers for 30 years, the Controlight Specialties system is only available through the New Hampshire company’s website, www.controlight.com.
  Installation is easy. Install the main unit between the electrical junction box and the wiring for lighting, pumps, heaters or motors you want to control remotely up to 500 ft. away. Controlight uses radio frequency with more than 65 billion codes to eliminate interference with other wired or wireless devices.
  It has the highest wattage capacity and provides the longest wireless distance control on the market.
  It saves money on installation since wires don’t need to be fished through walls. And it saves electricity. No need to leave your house lights on when you plan to come back late. Just turn them on with the key fob as you drive in the driveway. Instead of lights that come on at dusk and stay on all night, use Controlight to flood your yard with light when you need it. The main unit can be located on a garage, barn, shed, house – wherever you need flood lighting.
  For $238, customers receive the main unit, a receiver, two key fobs and one handheld transmitter with a holder. As many as 15 transmitters can be used with the system. It has a 90-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Controlight Specialties, LLC, Concord, N.H. (ph 603 707-6207; www.controlight.com).

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