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Easy-To-Back Swivel-Wheel Trailer
Willie Witt’s homebuilt trailer takes the hassle out of backing up and the problem of jackknifing when he hauls it behind a camper.
    “It has a hitch arm on each side that attach to brackets on the back of the camper. They hold the front of the trailer securely but still pivot up and down when moving across a hill or dip,” Witt explains. “Both wheels are ‘crazy wheels’ (swivel wheels) so backing up is easy.”
    He got the idea from motorcycle trailers that have one swivel wheel.
    Witt built his 6 by 12-ft. trailer to haul his ATV and golf cart. He used 2-in. steel tubing for the frame and expanded metal for the bed, and he purchased new ramps. The axle is a rubber torsion axle – a 2 1/2-in. square tube with a 1 1/4-in. solid shaft inside with hot rubber poured between to make it solid. The 8-in. rim wheels have mounted motorcycle springs and shocks. Witt used 4-in. square tubing for the wheel swivels with a 1-in. bolt and 6-in. turntable plates.
    “If I did anything different I’d use larger turntables on the axles so there wouldn’t be as much torque on that 1-in. bolt,” Witt notes.
    “It works great,” he adds. “We’ve gone to Arkansas and Oregon. It trails right straight behind.”
    The camper is 32 ft. long, so with the trailer, he can maneuver wherever semis can travel. He mounted a camera on the back of the camper to keep an eye on the trailer.
    When he’s using the trailer around home in Gordon, Neb., Witt has the option to add a galvanized tongue that hooks on to a standard ball hitch. He slips in pins on the wheel mounts to keep them straight when he uses the regular hitch.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Willie Witt, 721 N. Oak St., Gordon, Neb. 69343 (ph 308 282-2301).

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