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Build Your Kids A Tire Mountain
With a little imagination and some hard work Bob and Pat Gulley, Lebanon, Ind., transformed 57 old tires ranging from 5-ft. tall Big A tires to 8-in. dia. lawn mower tires into an exciting playground for their children and friends.
"It's sturdy enough for adults to stand on, strong enough to withstand gusty winds, and is super for kids because they can climb on and through it," says Pat. "Plus, by painting it, the whole thing looks neat and attractive and isn't an eye-sore".
"The idea came from seeing playground equipment made with tires at a church playground. We got hold of two Big A tires, some tractor and semi tires and the idea kind of grew from there," Pat notes.
The conglomeration includes tires from tractors, pickups, wagons and cars. Once all 57 were collected, Pat started by drawing a rough blueprint for a 16 by 14-ft. area. The Big A and four tractor tires set in a cross shape were the basis for the design. Truck tires form the outside wall with the other tires added in.
After positioning each tire in her blueprint, Pat numbered them to make building the final structure easier. Before putting it all together, the Gulley's cleaned the tires and painted them in bright colors of blue, orange, yellow and red using acrylic enamel latex paint. Pat notes that paint cost about $60, but it sticks well and doesn't fade or strip off.
Tires are bolted together to make the entire structure sturdy. The Big A tires sit on cement blocks while the rest of the tires sit in the pit area and have sand inside to keep them sturdy. Holes drilled into the tires let water drain out.
Pat says that the only cost was for paint and bolts as most of the tires were given to them by the local co-op and a tire store.

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