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Tractor Mounted Tree & Stump Cutter
A 71-year-old farmer who's supplemented his income for the past 30 years doing "custom bulldozing" has developed a new combination tree and stump cutting saw.
"I knew there had to be a better and cheaper way. This machine will take out a tree or stump below ground level in a fraction of the time it would take to bulldoze it out and do so mounted on nearly any farm tractor," says Cyril Barton, Waltonville, Ill., who built the machine from scratch and has used it continually for the past 5 years. He recently lined up a manufacturer, Worksaver, Inc., Litchfield, Ill. and it'll be on the market this spring. "It's been used under the toughest conditions almost continually. We've got all the bugs worked out. It's a great machine for clearing farmland, or a farmer could use it to launch a sideline tree cutting and stump removal business."
Barton's saw mounts on any 60 hp. or larger tractor with a Cat. II 3-pt. and 540 pto. It's got a 3/8-in. thick, 54-in. dia. hard steel blade fitted with replaceable carbide tipped teeth. To operate you back it up against the tree or stump, lower it onto its 4 self-leveling short legs, and "push" the spinning blade into it with a 24-in. stroke hydraulic cylinder. When you're cutting a tree, an 8-ft. high push bar forces the tree down away from the tractor as the blade cuts. The blade will cut out a tree or stump up to 20 in. in dia. in less than 30 sec. with one cut or you can cut out a stump as big as 4 ft. in dia. with several cuts.
"You can cut down to 3 in. below the ground. The dirt doesn't affect the saw. The teeth are so hard they last almost indefinitely," says Barton, who now clears land with his saw and a push blade mounted on the front of a 1964 706 International tractor. When fully extended the blade reaches as far as 8 ft. behind the tractor. Its full width is 76 in. and it weighs about 2,400 lbs.
A larger model of the saw, equipped with a 74-in. blade and designed to cut stumps only, is also available. It requires at least a 100 hp. tractor and a 1,000 rpm pto. According to Worksaver, Inc., the company plans to have the machines available late this spring. No prices have yet been announced. Barton, will demonstrate the saw to any interested parties.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Worksaver, Inc., P.O. 1000, Litchfield, Ill. 62056 (ph 217 324-5973).

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