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"Flusher" Removes Sand From Center Pivots
A simple screw-in device helps center pivot irrigators deal with a common problem – sand and sediment in the system from older wells. After a couple years of research and development, Justin Loeffler and Clint Vanderwey of L&V Innovations introduced the Pivot Flusher this past season.
  Each time the pivot stops and starts to pressurize, the water pressure automatically activates a complete system flush, then closes when the irrigator begins to move. The Pivot Flusher takes about five minutes to screw in at the end of the overhang by the end gun, Loeffler says, noting that other flushers require electricity, or valves and pressure switches.
  The Pivot Flusher’s only requirement is at least 10 lbs. of continuous pressure at the end of the pivot. The partners are working on a low-pressure version for systems with less pressure.
  “We also market to guys with new wells as preventative maintenance,” Loeffler says, as the regular flushing will keep the system clean. Also, university researchers and other experts are discouraging the use of end guns – which help flush sand – because they don’t effectively irrigate. At $350, the Pivot Flusher is an economical replacement option that fits on most systems. It’s expected to work for about 8 years, and L&V offer a money back guarantee if the Pivot Flusher doesn’t work on a system.
  Having lived on farms, Loeffler notes that he and Vanderwey understand what producers need, and they design products that are practical and efficient to use. Five years ago, they introduced Pivot RX, a portable remote control unit to regulate the center pivot’s on/off switch. Instead of installing units at each irrigation system, the $2,950 Pivot RX can be used for every system and doesn’t require a cellular plan.
  Both products are available through their company’s website. Dealer inquiries are welcome.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, L&V Innovations, 26626 302nd St., Crookston, Neb. 69212 (ph 877 828-0069; www.lvinnovations.com).

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