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Scale Lets Hogs Sort Themselves
Slickest system we've seen for sorting hogs is the new Weight-Krate, manufactured by the Ostee Corp., Sylvan Grove, Kan. It's self-tending and automatically sorts hogs by weight.

Here, according to Jerry Ostermann, inventor and manufacturer, is how it works:

The Weigh-Krate is equipped with a platform scale which, for automatic sorting can be preset to any desired weight from 170 to 240 lbs. As hogs walk across the scale, those weighing at or over the set weight trip the sorting mechanism and are automatically sorted into a "heavy" pen.

Suppose, for example, the Weight-Krate, located in the fenceline between adjacent pens, is preset at 210 lbs. Every day, all hogs in the "light" pen walk across the scale each time they go for water. As individual hogs hit 210 lbs., they're automatically sorted into the "heavy" pen. Lighter hogs are automatically recycled to the original pen until they, too, reach the preset weight.

'You only have to glance at the 'heavy pen' to see if you have enough to make up a load for market," says Ostermann. He adds that, in addition to sorting hogs for market, the Weight-Krate can also be used to different ration once they hit 170 lbs. or heavier. It can also be used as a conventional portable platform scale to weigh individual hogs of any weight up to 300 lbs.

In the "research hopper" and slated for production soon is an optional marking attachment for the Weight-Krate which puts a visible mark on hogs of a predetermined weight. "When you get ready to ship, you know without having to guess that those carrying the mark are at market weight," explains Ostermann. "It's designed for use in special situations, such as confinement rearing where an adjacent pen to sort heavy logs into isn't readily available for automatic sorting. The marker saves a lot of sorting time since the hogs you want to sort our are clearly marked," Ostermann explains.

Cost of the Weight-Krate, which is entirely hog operated (no electricity or other outside power required) is $595, FOB. For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jerry Ostermann, Ostee Corp., Sylvan Grove, Kan. 67481 (913 526-7248).

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