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Make Your Own "Aerosol" Spray Cans
Why buy spray cans filled with ounces of material when a bulk jug often sells for about the same as one can? It didn’t make sense to Preston Smidt when he was rebuilding a tractor. Cans of carburetor spray were costing a lot of money.
  “The idea of building my own air-charged spray can popped into my head,” says Smidt. “I’ve used these homemade cans for carburetor cleaner, weed killer, lubricant, household cleaners and more.”
  Smidt’s rechargeable can is constructed using pvc pipe, a valve stem air valve, a brass plug, and a few simple tools. The spray buttons, valve and stems are taken from existing spray cans.
  Smidt offers plans on the do-it-yourselfer website GIZMO Plans. The plans sell for $6. He estimates parts cost around $12 and will last through many refills.
  “I’ve used mine many times,” says Smidt. “The air valve and the plug screw right into the slightly smaller holes I drill in the pvc pipe cap. I’ve had no problem taking the plug out for refills and replacing it.”
  Safety is always a concern when working with anything under pressure. The design calls for a safety release valve. Smidt recommends using an air compressor with a regulator valve to keep air pressure less than 110 psi. His is set from 80 to 110 psi.
  Visit www.farmshow.com for a link to a video showing the rechargeable spray can in use.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gizmoplans, 4423 Normanna Rd., Duluth, Minn. 55803 (ph 218 348-1473; info@gizmoplans.com; www.gizmoplans.com).

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