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Garden Seeder Adds To Wheel Hoe Versatility
FARM SHOW tested out a new garden planter that attaches to Planet Jr. or Hoss wheel hoes. The flat plate planter from Hoss Tools is ruggedly built with interchangeable seed plates, closure wheel (doubles as drive wheel) and optional row marker.
  “The seeder attaches with four bolts,” says Greg Key, Hoss Tools. “Take them off and you have a wheel hoe back for cultivating.”
  Like other traditional seeders on the market, the Hoss Tools unit plates fit flat in the bottom of the seed hopper. As the horizontal plate revolves over the drop tube, brushes wipe excess seed from the plate.
  “Once you get down to the last 20 to 25 seeds, you need to put more in or quit to maintain the seeding pattern,” says Key. “One wing nut lets you remove the hopper to empty it.”
  Key sent FARM SHOW a Hoss Tools wheel hoe with planter unit to try. The seeder lived up to its claims. The all-steel construction and straightforward chain drive action look like they will last forever. Depth adjustment from 1/4-in. to 1 1/2-in. is simple and straightforward.
  The only problem that occurred was when small rocks lodged in the serrated edge of the packer/drive wheel.
  Seed spacing was very even. Popcorn and two sizes of bean seeds were tested with the number 4, 5 and 6 plates. Seeder directions included spacing options and instructions for covering several seed holes in a multi-hole plate to vary spacing.
  All seeds appear to feed out. Excess seeds at row end are easily removed with the hopper. The wing nut retainer required a little care as tightening it down too much stopped the plates. Too light and it tended to work loose.
  Overall, the seeder was impressive with its heavy-duty, yet simple design. For large space gardeners and even market gardeners, it would appear to be a good buy.
  Key says the seeding unit is heavy enough to maintain pressure on the drive wheel. The operator simply steers it and doesn’t have to press down to get the press/drive wheel to turn. The drive itself is self-cleaning. All metal parts are made in the U.S. from powder-coated steel.
  The Hoss wheel hoe is fitted with impregnated bronze bushing and dust covers and #1 red oak handles. The steel wheel hoe has a 1/4-in. steel tool bar that can be customized to specific crops. Options include plows, oscillating hoes, sweeps and cultivator teeth. It is priced at $159.
  The seeder comes with 6 seed plates standard. Four more seed plates are available, as well as blank ones that can be customized. The blank seed plates come with a metal drill template. The seeder with 6 plates is also priced at $159.
  A double wheel hoe priced at $199 is also available. This allows planting between the wheels. The company is currently developing other attachments for both wheel hoes.   
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hoss Tools, P.O. Box 429, Norman Park, Ga. 31771 (ph 229 769-3999; custserv@hosstools.com; www.hosstools.com).

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